Ashanti Middleton

Ashanti Middleton

NEW YORK – Taste & Toast with Ashanti Middleton on YouTube and Facebook is currently airing for the Fall 2016 TV season. You are invited!

Join Ashanti Middleton and guests each month as they raise their glasses and lower their forks while reviewing the best food and drink that the restaurant and bar world has to offer! Each episode will take viewers into the belly of the feast with a casual style and high-class swagger combination designed to attract both newcomers as well as refined palates to come together to uncover the latest treats to hit the streets of the nation’s latest casual and fine dining hotspots!

Taste & Toast is designed to speak to a new generation of socially networked, mobilized, tech-savvy, culturally aware individuals seeking the most adventurous, interesting, culturally relevant, and tasty restaurants that the nation has to offer. Join us as we take review the best restaurants and bars  the world of food and drink in a smart, laid-back, classy and sassy way.

Join us for Taste & Toast with Ashanti Middleton on both YouTube and Facebook as we raise our glasses with class and swag—and toast to the good life!